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                    Management Philosophy: 
                    haosun people pursuit outstanding, quality, create excellence and create pharmaceutical industry. It will takes brand marketing as bridge, guides with market, integrates social resources to meet the requirements of customers, cultivate customers’ honesty, improve core-competition of haosun Industry and realize the value of enterprise.


                    In the business world, quality should be first, credit can lead to sucess. Start from conscience and do conscience products and enterprise!


                    We are deeply convinced that: The enterprise should own conscience, adhere to responsibility and the enterprise can be stable development. Conscience and responsibility are the advanced culture as well as production ability, competition and influence. It is the base.


                    We are deeply convinced that: 
                    Career should own conscience and all the employees should be responsible and then they can be success and win for the morals. It is the necessary condition for the long term development.


                    We are deeply convinced that: Every citizen should have conscience. At all times and in all countries, most people throw manifest for wealth, young for nomination and life for rights. For people, being slow and quiet and pay attention to the moral level to realize the surpassing of wisdom. Heart is the largest platform and harvest.


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